In this blog you will find vegan recipes that I’ve created or adopted from others.

I bet you find some recipes to be very simple however, some might be advanced. Being an amateur cook for over 20 years, I have developed my knowledge in cooking from reading, workshops, cooking classes and by witnessing my family members cook (my mom and grandmothers are great cooks). I love making breads and pizzas and specialize in Mediterranean cooking, mostly North African (Tunisia, Morocco and Libya) cooking.

I became vegan in early May 2012 and since then, my health and overall stamina had improved significantly. Since switching to a plant based diet, I feel like a whole world of flavors and ingredients was open to me.

I was born in Israel but since July 2007 lives in Bellevue, WA. My day job is as a data analyst.

I hope you’ll find this blog interesting and inspiring and please don’t hesitate to leave feedback or questions under any of my posts.

Enjoy reading and cooking.